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Travel through the portal with CTIAF in 2021.

The last eighteen months have created entirely new ways of working in the animation industry. At Modena Media and Entertainment we’re always dreaming about the future, while staying true to our roots.

We’d like to invite you, the delegates of CTIAF to do the same!  Using the characters of the past, reimagine them, reanimate them and send them out into the world to cross the portal into a brave new future.

Up for grabs is R 10 000! See below for more information on how to get involved.

Create a minimum 5-10 sec animation which must include a movement of a door opening, passing through a portal, crossing a threshold or entering another realm

The theme must include a single 3D character or it can be a 2D character in a 3D environment, there needs to be 3D element.  

Deliverables must include a concept Sketch,  A render or renders of your final environment (1920 x 1080 minimum) and 1 x video cinematic of your final entry (1920 x 1080 minimum).

Character Category Prize - R10,000.00 

Use a CTIAF character from previous or existing themes opening the door to 2021

This can be re-created or current rigs/artwork can be downloaded and used in your entry – if the existing artwork is in 2D, a 3D version can be created 

Reference Assets from Akimbo Studio – Giant Weather Guardians JPG or FBX files

Reference Assets from Tulips & Chimneys - Seahorse creature or Flower bird 

Reference Assets from Studio Muti -  Rat, Pigeon or Lobster

Download all assets from Resource folder 


Because we love our Penguins in Cape Town. We would love you to create your own penguin character rig from the start if you do not want to use the previous theme reference assets listed above.

Motion Graphics Category Prize - R5000.00

The festival is celebrating its 9th year and we’d love to see how you imagine our brand crossing over into the future.  Using the current CTIAF Logo in an animated sequence, let your imagination go wild and show us where it could travel to!

Reference CTIAF Logo asset (Adobe illustrator file)

This will be used in the pre rolls for our next and future festivals with the winner credited.

Judging Criteria

  • Points will be awarded for technical knowledge, creativity with existing reference material and presentation.
  • Third party environment tools may be used in your scene.
  • The entries can be made visible as entrants to share their entries from the entry page once submitted with their social media hashtags
  • Fields on the form will request which category they are entering and respond accordingly
  • Entrants can apply for both Categories - if they wish
  • Judging panel made up of industry professionals, directors, concept artists, international Animation mentors and Autodesk Territory partners
  • Judges decision is final. Points awarded for  Concept (20%) Artistic Quality (40%), Technical Difficulty (40%)
  • Any Autodesk software can be used, 3ds Max, Maya, Mudbox, Sketchbook Pro, Arnold Flame or Smoke, other software can be used to complement the entry but the core software has to be Autodesk. Entry must state which software was used in the work
  • Entries are limited to a single artist, a singular submission will have one artist/animator  credited.
  • Trial Software can be downloaded via the Autodesk download trial link page
  • if you require more information not outlined in the guidelines, please e-mail marketing@ctiaf.com
  • PLEASE NOTE: You will need to create a Submittable account in order to submit your work - Once you've created an account, signing back in is simple. Just be sure to remember the email and password you used to create your account, and sign in here anytime. If at any time you need to recover your password, you can do that here.

Please note : All finalists will receive a B2B accreditation at the 2021 CTIAF and the winning artwork will be included in the CTIAF 2021 trailers used in our screenings and workshops.

Terms and Conditions

By submitting artwork to the CTIAF Competition , the artists agrees to the following terms that will govern the use, publication, modification, reproduction, and distribution of its customer story and/or related imagery, including company name, company logos, quotations, product descriptions and uses, etc. (the “Materials”). Autodesk and its authorized affiliates may use the Materials, at no charge, in Modena M&E and Autodesk’s worldwide marketing and public relations material during Autodesk’s and Modena M&E marketing and advertising efforts. Autodesk and Modena M&E may use, reproduce, publish, modify, and distribute the Materials, in whole or in part, alone or with other materials, perpetually, worldwide, and at no charge, but may not materially change or modify it without my prior consent or the consent of authorized representative (a material change shall mean a substantial modification in the substance and shall not include resizing or other minor editorial changes). Autodesk and Modena Media and Entertainment may not allow any other entity to use the Materials for its sole benefit without prior permission, except third parties authorized to exercise the above rights on Autodesk’s behalf. Autodesk’s authorized uses shall include advertising, internet, video, audio, broadcasts, webcasts, slide presentations, public relations (including, but not limited to, publications, internal newsletters, videos, annual reports, direct marketing), and marketing/promotional collateral. Autodesk /Modena Media and Entertainment will include the Artist’s credit line, where Autodesk/Modena deems appropriate, when the story and/or imagery is used, and will request its authorized partners to do the same.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.